Soren Roi - Failures In Passion / Evenstance

Primitive Languages |




For his debut 7″ on Primitive Languages, Soren Roi delivers a rougher, less polished approach than on his previous releases. “Failures In Passion” centers onimously around the voice of artist Reba Maybury. The vocal arrangement is sourced from a session Roi helped produce for Maybury’s NTS program, Mistress Rebecca’s World in London in 2017. Reba’s stern voice rides on top of bass drones and falls in between the short breaks of snare drum and high hats. Subtle but emotive passages are imbued in the heavy bass work. The flip side of the record blasts off with “Evenstance”, taking more cues from the UK sonically. Moody and uptempo, the track juxtaposes moments of serenity with that of leveling stabs of synthesis.