Maenad Veyl - Somehow, Somewhere They Have Heard This Before

Pinkman Broken Dreams |




Pinkman welcomes Maenad Veyl to its roster of artists for his debut release in the form of the labels second tape. ‘Make Them Remember’ sets the gloomy mood with clattering percussion and ghostly synth lines. The messy drum patterns of Taiko Death Rhythm’ are breaking up the cold mist. The A-side of the cassette is completed by the melodic slow burning energy of ‘D.M.M.R.M’. On the other side ‘State ov Apprehension’ and ‘Sotto Gli Occhi Tutti’ further darken the character, to then pave way for ‘In Ruins’ to finish the damage with it’s ethereal, yet soul ripping guitar riffs. *** Digital download code included ***

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