Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais - Aborting Your Dreams (2019 Repress)

Pinkman Broken Dreams |


12 inch


Having already debuted on the Pinkman main label, Identified Patient now steps up for the Pinkman “Broken Dreams” series for your stripped back content. The whole EP is furnished with the sinister and commanding vocals of Sophie du Palais, also known as ‘Vrouwe Fataal,’ creating an infectious vortex of panic and scare to abort your dreams. Throughout the release, hazy percussion is carefully seasoned with the bitter synth lines and guitar riffs from Lasznkioff. The first track, ‘Peaceful Panic’ is in full seduction and fetish mode, setting the scene for the better corners. ‘Sleep Without Rest’ violently tightens up the leather and gives you your kicks for thrills. The EP ends with frenzy: messed up intermezzos with Lasznikoff, mixing up an 808 with his destructive guitar rig and, as he states, ‘everything is done.’