Drvg Cvltvre - Grauwvuur

Pinkman |


12 inch


Acid, no wave and experimental house producer Drvg Cvltvre has been busy recently. After releasing with Chris Moss Acid on Shipwrec in 2014, Vincent Koreman then served up a full EP of his own, on Dutch label COS_MOS and is now back once again with a new four track affair on Pinkman that comes two years after he offered up the label’s first EP in 2013.

Up first, ‘My Houz’ is a swampy house track with heavy drums, whirring machines and white noise textures all adding up to an intense affair that sounds like little else. Then comes ‘Tyranny of the Gods,’ a slow tempo but high impact track that builds and builds on a nerve lead synth line as frazzled bass props things up from below. Dark and weird, occult and rave, it’s another unique proposition. On the flip, ‘Sleepdealer’ is an unbalanced house track with taught, tight bass and is shot through with laser like synths. Serene and spaced out, it makes way for closer ‘Crack Spirit Guide’ which is a noisy, intense and brooding fusion of crisp percussion, big walls of synth and chattering drums that really have you on edge. Once agin, then, Drvg Cvltvre has come up with the idiosyncratic goods.

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