Delroy Edwards - Aftershock

L.I.E.S. |




In the traditon of classic Chicago beat track records like Jesse Velez’s ”Super Rhythm Tracks” or Duane Thamm’s D-Rail and R-Trax comes Delroy Edwards with a 14 song double lp of stripped down drum track madness. This is straight up Saturday night WBMX mixshow material. Sparse rhythms, fat fm basslines, catchy melodies and even some italo arpeggios are the order here, all 100 percent tailor made for the working DJ. Standing strong on their own or to be layered and slammed in and out the mix, these are true to form old school cuts falling in line with the great tradition of dance music’s past which is all too often lost in the wind these days. Another classic from the this unstoppable LA producer.

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