Cold & James Bernard - Strobe Light Network / Lapis Lazuli

Stroom |


12 inch


“Fiery the angels raved; deep thunder rolled around their shores… 90’s chill-out zone revisited w’ James Bernard & Isar L. Arnarsson”

As Cold, Ísar Logi Arnarsson provided the maiden release for Thule Records, the very first Icelandic techno label in which he was involved alongside Thorhallur Skulason and a few other close friends. After a promotional vinyl run, the record was licensed by Belgian Re-load Records and B-side ‘Strobe Light Network’, an icy slice of mesmeric dub-techno, somehow got the attention of Sven Väth, who played it as his closing track at the Love Parade in 1996 and went on to remix the song for Elektrolux. ‘I was aware of what was going on through fax messages’, Ísar recalls, ‘but I wish I had been there to feel the buzz the track was making.’

Around the same time, in 1996, Ísar stopped making music and started a free music magazine called ‘Undirtonar’, celebrating the underground in music, fashion and emerging technologies. ‘I wanted to elevate the Icelandic scene, which it certainly did, by giving the spotlight to some great artists that went on to be world famous. I enjoyed watching my friends grow and reach their goals. And since the magazine was a creative process too, I never felt like I was missing out.’

Since 2003, Ísar has been running bars, clubs and events. In 2016 he started dj’ing and making music again. ‘I feel like I’m at a crossroad now, trying to figure out how the next 45 years will be.’