Antenna / Antenna - Childhood

Pinkman |


12 inch


The mysterious talents Antenna shows their tough, high impact house sound for their second release on the Dutch Pinkman label.

First up, ‘Childhood’ is a mid tempo bit of elastic, groove driven house with whirring machines, raw synth patterns and filtered, muffled vocals. Hi hats add an incendiary element of pressure but really this one is all about the pinging, rubbery drums that flail like drunken limbs. ‘When I Read My Book’ is another purposeful offering riddled with melody and deep drums, slapping claps and lots of jittery cow bells, impish synth sounds and bass kills that brings a real sense of energy to proceedings. Lastly, ‘In August’ is a tripped out cut with skipping kick drums, celestial and heavenly, glassy melodies and skittish percussion that all glide along in alluring and off kilter fashion. This is house music, but not as you know it!

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