Alessandro Parisi - Naonian City Nights

Charlois |


12 inch


Fresh from his recent outing as Hesperius Draco, Alessandro Parisi is casting off for his debut on Charlois. The Italian is setting out his stall with a five tracker. Honeyed bars are cut by sharp percussion as the brooding “Meduna Waves” opens. Space soaked synthlines coil around a pulsing drum for the slow burning “Cosmica 1999.” The flip sees a wave edge enter. Cascading chords and a bolstered beats form the pain streaked beauty of “Fear and Money Never Had.” “Exhibition of Love” is brimming with meaty snares biting into thick strings combined in a power filled piece. Parisi illustrates his enviable talent throughout, a talent that comes to the fore with the arpeggiated intensity of “Virtualand.”

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