PNKMIX-28 | Post Ave – Post Rave Mixxx

We’re back after a little break with a new mix-up. The 28th podcast is a special one by label friend and PRO selector Post Ave. Two hours and 36 minutes of real deal 90s rave, acid, goa and breakbeats.. get schooled!

Vector Trance – Rest for the Wicked
Underground Resistance – A Thousand Questions
Pressure of Speech – Uluru
Zaliva-D – Faraway
Syamese – Drum (Murder Mix)
System-01 – From Psychedelics To Cybernetics
Digitalis – Waving Not Drowning
Uberzone – Organik
Adrenaline God (Patient Edit)
Koxbox – Acid Vol. 3
Medicine Drum – Slipstream Dub
Xcor – Adelaar
Philipp Otterbach – Shake the Shackles Part 1&2
Claro Intelecto – Eye Spy
Contagious Orgasm – Livewire Voodoo
Cabasa – À L’École
Zaliva-D – Cold Diva

CUB – Seeing From Above
DJ Plead – DVE
Zaliva-D – Underground String
Atom™ – Automotive (Whitelabel)
Shinto – Sa, Sa
Aux88 – Time Space
Fantastikoi Hxoi – A Strange Light From The East
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Exit 23 (Drum Club 3)
Coil – First Dark Ride
Karma de la Luna – Floating
Front Line Assembly – Comatose
Acid Junkies – Sector 9
Ghostdance – Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix)
Biochip C – Pause
LSDXOXO – Smoke of the Skunk
Dj Plead – Kirlis
Dissident – Ubhan
Randstad – Vails Cipher 2
Re-Light – Expand the Room

SDX – MS 04 (138 remix)
Lassigue Bendthaus – Fiber
Morphem – Bringers of the Dawn
Man With No Name – Sly-Ed
DJ Hell – I Feel Love
I.B.M. – No Love