PNKMIX-27 | Randstad – Coiled Serpent Strange Attractor

The 26st podcast for the PNKMIX series is from the London based artist and label head of The Hague’s BAKK Records, Randstad. He earlier did a release on the first volume of the ‘5 Years of Tears’ various artist compilation. Now waiting for his debut EP called ‘Stranded’ which will see day light somewhere in the beginning of 2019.

Randstad created a 80 minute mix called ‘Coiled Serpent Strange Attractor’, sick track selection with a lot of tracks from Pinkman related artists.. make sure to check out the list below.

Ancient Methods – In Silence
Hiro Kone – Poortgebouw
Coil – Is Suicide a Solution
Potter Natalizia Zen – When Time Stops Moving
Van Ligtfolk – Mer an Normal
DJ Richard – Tunnel Stark
Yuri Urano – Knock
Articulat – Articulat
Chen Yi – Wargame
In Trance 95 – Continuum
Orphx – Solipsist
RNXRX – Cybele
DJ Richard – In Broad Daylight
T15DM – UTT ea – PM
LVRIN – Black Tank
Brassfoot – Followers Fate
Orphx – Bare Life
Maenad Veyl – Subtle Violence
Giant Swan – High Waisted
Giant Swan – The Plaque
The Modern Institute – Dozen Cocktails
Marcel Dettmann – Metalloid
Emanton – Circleofliez
Black Merlin – Noi 2
Amnesia Scanner – Chain

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Randstad Instagram