PNKMIX-23 | Mirror Man – The Secret Passage Of Lurulu

The 23rd edition of the Pinkman podcast series is from the mysterious Mirror Man aka Paul du Lac, head of Bio Rhythm records. A slomo hypno techno mix including some Pinkman releases from Identified Patient, Black Seed and Annanan & Maroje T aswell.

Miles – Plutocracy
Benedikt Frey – Cupids Delight
D’Marc Cantu – Light Speed Funk
Identified Patient – The Female Medical College Of Pennsylvania
G String – Phase (D’Marc Cantu Ghoul Remix)
Black Seed – Irradiance
Jasss – Instantaneous Transmission Of Information
Identified Patient – Het Geweten Van Afdeling Twee
Exhausted Modern – 2,5 Minutes To Midnight
Annanan & Maroje T – Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality
Scientific Dreamz Of U – New Dreamz Of The Flesh
Fishermen – Ribbonfish
Bill Converse – Riverbank