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Marsman @ Intergalactic FM Streaming festival 2021

We round up the series of IFM recordings with the label head Marsman himself. Serving a fast-paced journey through dark junglist breaks without any remorse.

Wrong Sal @ Intergalactic FM Streaming festival 2021

No quality record is safe from him at the Pinkman Store. Our good friend & collector pur sang, Wrong Sal is spinning a mixture of dirty jakkk and bittersweet disco for IFM fest 2021.

Genyten @ Intergalactic FM Streaming festival 2021

You might have seen her working at the Pinkman Store or DJ’ing at various places in the city lately. Our very own Genyten is stepping up for Intergalactic FM with an badass industrial tinged session.

Jeff Solo @ Intergalactic FM Streaming festival 2021

Jeff Solo, the creative wizard behind Operator and the DJ that doesn’t succumb to any boundaries, mixing it up for IFM fest 2021. Recorded at the Pinkman warehouse in Rotterdam.

Zohar @ Intergalactic FM Streaming festival 2021

The highly skilled Zohar is connecting the dots between Industrial Wave and Mutant DnB in a perfect way again. Recorded at the Pinkman warehouse in Rotterdam for IFM fest 2021.

Identified Patient @ Intergalactic FM Streaming festival 2021

Pinkman regular and tallest DJ out there serving yet again the biggest selections. Recorded at our warehouse in Rotterdam for IFM fest 2021.

Marsman @ Pinkman District

The founder of the label @marsman-dj in the mix again after a year of lockdown. Broadcasted on March 27 (Episode 1). Recorded at the Pinkman warehouse in Rotterdam. Subscribe:
Video here:

PNKMIX-70 | Benedikt Frey

Last Pinkman mix before we launch a new project. Benedikt Frey up for the next two hours with a selection of strange electronics.

PNKMIX-69 | Rapha

We travel to Tel Aviv again for the last Pinkman broadcast of this year. Rapha, 1/3 of Pluto Junkies, is giving us an electro workout to sweat out all the Christmas chemicals you took.

PNKMIX-68 | Mule Driver

Mule Driver is up today for our weekly Pinkman broadcast. The Israeli veteran producer & Confused Machines label head delivers a mix primed for reminiscence of rowdy basement parties. From punk electronics to freaked out electro, not to be missed!

PNKMIX-67 | A Strange Wedding

Oddbeat connaisseur A Strange Wedding first caught our attention with his excellent debut on Worst Records back in 2018. After we’ve played together on a hot night in Nantes last year, we’ve stayed in touch and got him for this week’s Pinkman broadcast.

PNKMIX-66 | Lyster

Youth label boss Lyster is up for this week’s Pinkman broadcast. Since the start of the label back in 2017, Youth has been on our radar. Every new release is spot-on and always something special we look forward to. Expect nothing less from this mix as well, Lyster is proving yet again his ability to effortlessly switch moods, while persisting in quality and cutting-edge selection.

PNKMIX-65 | Henning Baer

Your trip to Berlin might have been canceled, but @henningbaer_ is bringing a chunk of its sound to your living room. Berghain regular and the man behind Grounded Theory delivers an uncompromising mix of techno, electro, and whatnot, executed in the typical for him, excellent manner.

PNKMIX-64 | Schwabe

This Monday’s mix comes from Belgrade-based Schwabe. You might also know him as half of TAPAN, the long-standing Serbia’s nightlife troopers notable with their experimental & ethnic fusion releases. Lock in at 12 @ Operator for an hour-long trip through the dark rhythms weaved with melancholic ambiance.

PNKMIX-63 | Paranoic Drums

We had Paranoic Drums over for our second edition of Eideloos Gedoe when social gatherings were still possible, now the guy is back to do the Monday mix. A right mix of rock and post-punk to vibe in your living room or to drink at the cemetery with your goth friends.


For this mix, Chateau Royal Records boss PRZ is coming through with a bag of timeless electro.

PNKMIX-61 | Chino

For this week’s mix Chino comes through with a mix of hybrid electronics to melt minds.

PNKMIX-60 | Merel

‘Doesn’t get boring when you play by the rules?’ For todays mix, Garage Noord’s resident Merel delivers the closest thing to a murky rave you can get right now. Expect a merciless blend of techno, acid and electro.

PNKMIX-59 | Wrong Sal

Friend of the label and a regular at the odball house/italo-disco sections at the store, Wrong Sal made an 1,5h mix fuelled with the spirit of 80’s synthwave and house.

PNKMIX-58 | Bobby Boycott

Amsterdam based Bobby Boycott serves a selection of punk & hip hop influenced dark experimental electronics for our weekly mix series.

PNKMIX-57 | Jetti

One hour of 5 am club-closing tracks mixed up by Rotterdam nightlife warrior Jetti. From melodic house to spaced out electro.

PNKMIX-56 | Morah

Good friend of the label, Morah is coming in with a full rock and roll attitude, making you want to light a cigar in a bar till you remember it’s a Monday morning. Some brutish 80s industrial, punk and wave in the mix. Buckle up

PNKMIX-55 | Black Merlin

One hour of tripped out dreamtechno from a man that does not have any boundaries within the genres at his disposal.


For this week’s podcast Noach is taking you on a trip without you having to move from the couch. Operator’s monthly resident weaves slow beat obscurities with elements of jungle, DnB and trance, resulting in full hour of sedated hypno-funk.

PNKMIX-53 | Sinusoidal

PNKMIX-53 is from Saint-Petersburg based Sinusoidal. Featuring tracks from his recent digi-album debut on Pinkman, Nikita pushes the parameters of hypno-electronics with a selection of slow-beat acid, trance induced electro and more for two hours straight. Check it yourself

PNKMIX-52 | Marathon Man

Marathon Man is a former RLR employee, who also contributed to some 2nd hand gem digging for our store. For this hour he is taking you through his selection of oddball, electro, house and ambient.

PNKMIX-51 | The Spy

Heavy bizz from the Spy mixing up some Electro, breaks, EBM, techno and whatnot.

PNKMIX-50 | Solid Blake

Originally hailing from Glasgow, via Copenhagen’s pioneering, all-female techno DJ collective, Apeiron Crew, the Scottish producer has embarked on a solo journey that is cementing her reputation as one of the most exciting new DJs and producers on the European rave scene.

PNKMIX-49 | Pasiphae

Ahead of her debut EP on Pinkman which is soon to be released, Pasiphae delivers a soundtrack of her possessed realms in the form of a 2 hour mix.

PNKMIX-48 | Ece Özel

“When you come from a place where everything collides in the worst and the best way, confusion comes with a price – it’s either a bigger confusion or a huge relief.” Our first mix of today comes from Istanbul based Ece Özel, co-owner of Müstesna Records. Enjoy!

PNKMIX-47 | Mark du Mosch

The second mix of today is from an artist who is releasing a record (again) on Pinkman this Friday. Rotterdam based underground veteran Mark du Mosch, delivering no-nonsene harbour techno mix for us. Taking inspiration from squad parties in the mid 90s (where he also regularly played), it became a podcast that perfectly reflects the rough spirit of that era.

PNKMIX-46 | Olivia

Ahead of her debut release “Dancing Snake” on Pinkman, we’ve got Olivia today to start our weekly Pinkman broadcast. Two hours of a forward-thinking blend of 80s-inspired styles and experimental dance floor workouts, a unique story that truly matches the esthetics of Pinkman.


Paris based duo UVB76 buzzing the airwaves today like the cold war era never stopped.

PNKMIX-44 | Mickenik

Garage Noord resident and weirdo dance specialist Mickenik mixing it up for Pinkman’s weekly Operator broadcast.

DIM207 – Marsman

Label honcho Marsman mixing it up for Dimensions Festival. A selection of Pinkman future classics, promos and recent buys mixed for dark sweaty clubs.


Two years ago, May 2018 to be more precise, we were blown away by a new record that arrived in the Pinkman store. It was the first release from M.U.S.A, a new Barcelona based imprint. Their debut release was by a local artist called RNXRX, who delivered to 4 razor sharp hard-hitting electro cuts. We’ve been playing these tracks out on every possible dance floor since then and they still never let us down. Last year at our Pinkman label night at LAUT Barcelona, we finally met Hernan. We found out he’s also a very talented graphic designer, so we worked with him for a few label night posters. Anyway, during that night a long distance friendship was born because of mutual interests (what’s new?), so we’re very excited to have him for this weeks Pinkman broadcast at Operator.

PNKMIX-42 | Gamma Intel

After years of negotiating we finally have it, a mix from Rotterdam based future age specialist Gamma Intel. And that’s not all, we even got a new record from him signed for the label. Watch out!

PNKMIX-41 | Jana Woodstock

This weeks Pinkman broadcast starts with a mix from queen of Kiev’s underground nightlife, Jana Woodstock. From hypno acid to punk electronics… we got you covered for the next 80 minutes.

PNKMIX-40 | L.F.T.

Hamburg based bad boy L.F.T. in the mix for Pinkman. One hour or Love, Fist and Tears. One hour of various emotions, forces and decades. Keep an eye out for his upcoming mini album on Osare! Editions, a label run by Elena Colombi.

PNKMIX-39 | Subatomic

Store employee Subatomic mixing it up for Pinkman.

‘Notice how the crowd is controlled by easy tricks. Being a slave of society is our burden. Lost in translation, lost in deep thoughts. The mind is capable of changing in ways we never could have imagined. That’s why we have to drastically change our behavior to be proud of our identity’.

PNKMIX-38 | Arabian Panther

A mix comes from the French/Lebanese producer & DJ Arabian Panther, who tells the story of a lonely Phoenician warrior living in the desert and fighting against injustice. Warlike marches or ode to the Arabian nights, a single purpose: to highlight, scimitar and teapot in hand, the beauty of a rich and complex culture, too often ruined by wars or prejudice.

PNKMIX-37 | December

Pinkman mix from Brussel based December, who released two records last year on our label. The mix covers a wide spectrum of various strains of electronic music, from weird instrumental trap to electro and EBM to ambient. Diverse but not too hard digest, messy but not tacky or vulgar, dark but not too pretentious, from old to new cuts. Enjoy!

The return of our weekly mix series. Every week on Operator Radio.

During the Corona quarantine period, we decided to revive our Pinkman mix series. Every Wednesday at noon (12:00 CET) we premiere a new mix from (inter)national friends of the label here: Operator Radio

This weeks Pinkman mix comes from Brussels based December, who released two records last year on our label. The mix covers a wide spectrum of various strains of electronic music, from weird instrumental trap to electro and ebm to ambient. Diverse but not too hard digest, messy but not tacky or vulgar, dark but not too pretentious, from old to new cuts.

Listen to last weeks episode with Dark Matter from Barcelona here: PNKMIX 36 – Dark Matter

knk pwr podcast 015: Kris Baha

Kris Baha and his trade-mark industrial madness.

Identified Patient at Dekmantel Festival 2019

Comrade Identified Patient going at it in Dekmantel 2019.

Black Merlin at Dekmantel Festival 2019

Recording from Black Merlin’s set at Dekmantel 2019.

Gamma Intel’s traumgarten at Red Light Radio

Gamma Intel, this time with slowbeat electro trip for Traumgarden.

Dollkraut at Pinkman Radio

Dollkraut at Broken Dreams # 8 with Marsman and Retrogracde Youth.

October Operating Mix

Recording of the label heads’ Marsmans’ part in Broken Dreams episode 8 with Dollkraut and Retrograde Youth.

I-F at Dekmantel Festival 2019

Grooviness by the boss I-F at Dekmantel Festival 2019.

MNU Radio /w Star-Kid & Gamma Intel

RLR MNU radio session with Gamma Intel and Star-Kid.


Ian Martin mixing the future classics for Ondereweld 36 hour marathon. His EP on Pinkman Broken Dreams coming soon.

Red Light Radio: Retrograde Youth at Dekmantel Festival 2019

Retrograde Youth in Dekmantel 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming EP on Pinkman Broken Dreams.

Red Light Radio: Black Merlin at Dekmantel Festival 2019

Slowed beat electro maddness by Black Merlin at RLR station in Dekmantel 2019.

Dollkraut | Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2019

Dollkraut’s boiler room at Dekmantel 2019. Catch him later this week playing with his band in Pinkman ADE label night in Cinetol

NE294: Amato & Adriani

Iconic duo and their new relentless mix for selftitlemag, USA.

RINSE FRANCE – December Radioshow #42 w. Le Chocolat Noir

Two hours of exploration of wide-ranging sounds by December for Rinse France.

Randstad @ Red Light Radio 6-9-2019

Here we go again, Randstad for RLS. Enjoy.

Post Ave’s traumgarten at Red Light Radio

Remedy for the mind by Post Ave. Catch him at Pinkman ADE Label night later in October.

Cera Khin b2b Lokier – 4th July 2019

Cera Khin and Lokier staying true to themselves and delivering a relentless b2b for Rinse FM.

Randstad @ Red Light Radio 24-8-2019

Randstad for Red Light Radio back in August.

Barking w/ Borusiade | August ’19

New mix by Borusiade for Barking. Keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming EP on Pinkman Broken Dreams.


The recording of Lokier’s electro / EBM infused set for Moscow Mutabor Club.

Gamma Intel: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix

Rawness and no remorse. New podcast for Ransome note by Gamma Intel.

(HC Podcast Series 11) Gamma Intel

Gamma Intel is here to hypnotize you with the slowbeat trancy vibes. A special for Russia based Hypnotic Connection.

Randstad @ Red Light Radio 1-8-2019

Another one from Randstad, this time for the local RLR.

Parabox 006/034 In The Studio – Randstad

Randstad’s podcast for London based Parabox radio show. It’s a mix taking you through slowbeat, IDM and electro coming from the Hague. Enjoy.

Black Merlin at Mechatronica x Pinkman 29-06-2019

Another throwback to the madness at Mechatronica x Pinkman night. This time the recording of Black Merlin’s set.

PNKMIX-35 | Afra – Illuminator (Tracklist + Pinkman store chart included)

Mixing some of the future classics, Afra made a podcast for Pinkman. Illuminator is fluctuating from dark drexiyan sounds to computer funk.


Der Zyklus – Diffeomorphism
Annanan & Maroje T. – Confrontation in terms of sexuality
Gamma Intel – Without Reason
The Hacker – Dancing Mekanik
Umwelt – Faceless Power
Illekrolab – I am Electro
The Exaltics – One
Rude 66 – Burning Down the Fascination
The Exaltics – Skyway Chase
Reka – Diving the Innermost
Years of Denial – Love Comes And Goes
Sedves / Peel – Raid on Napoli
Blind Vision – Near Dark (dark version) Time
Boy Harsher – Lost

The mix comes along with a Pinkman store chart, featuring some of the newest releases by Mannequin, Moustache Records and Pinkman.



Years Of Denial – Body Map (Pre-order)


Amato & Adriani – Presence Du Futur


Sillicon Scally – Skoda Banger


David Vunk – Cross Addiction EP


Univac – Chernobyl Tracks


Various Artists – Stilleben 054


Dexter & Cosmic Force – Noord Hollandsche Ghetto Tracks


Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais – Don’t Exclude Anything


The Exaltics – II Worlds



Apparitions (05.07.19) w/ LVRIN

LVRIN for June Records radio show.

Roberto Auser / Zenevloed @ Red Light Radio

Slow-beat journey by Roberto Auser for Red Light Radio.

Present Perfect Podcast 14: Retrograde Youth

Retrograde Youth for St. Petersburg based Roots United crew.

Mejle opening set – Mechatronica x Pinkman

Throwback to Berlin madness with Mechatronica x Pinkman

Broken Dreams – 07 w/ Marsman & Identified Patient

The comrades doing what they do best. First hour Identified Patient, second hour Marsman.

PNKMIX-34 | Privacy – J’adore Hardcore

Privacy for Pinkman. J’adore Hardcore!

Dead Husband – Facial Recognition (Privacy Remix)
Das Ding – Slash
DJ Overdose – Why Does Nobody Answer The Phone?
Kluentah – Higher Level
Santiago – Huffer
Moralez & The Horrorist – Sleep When You Die (Instrumental Mix)
M.E.S.H. – Festival Circuit
Uncanny Lovers – My Name is Harmony
Im Kellar – Im Kellar
Luxus Varta – Sex After Midnight
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – 2231
Frankie Bones – Untitled (??? Edit)
Negroni Nails – White Matter
The Mover – Deep Down and Cold 2
Kasunori Sawa – Popular Art & Culture


Ian Martin for the second hour. Recorded at the 5th birthday of CRAVE.


Pinkman Records at Rinse France. Label boss Marsman for the first hour, followed by Randstad.

Alessandro Adriani DJ set at Temple Athens

Recording from the Mannequin Records founder Alessandro Adriani DJ set for the release party of the Vital Impetu at Temple Athens.

Black Merlin at Lighthouse Festival Croatia

Live ambient set by Black Merlin at Lighthouse Festival in Croatia.

RINSE FRANCE – December Radioshow #41 w. E-Saggila

Two hours of eclectic tracks selected by December and E-Saggila for Rinse France. Check out the mix on Soundcloud.

Headcast 011 | Lokier

New EBM-influenced mix by Lokier for Hamburg based Headshell crew.

PNKMIX-33 | Years of Denial – Narcotic Dreams

Years of Denial is a French-Czech sonic performance duo formed by Jerome Tcherneyan and Barkosina Hanusova. Drawing upon the darker corners of experimental music, Narcotic Dreams mix is an immersing journey into the exploration of poetry, post-punk and industrial music. More of this is in their upcoming EP ‘Body Map’ on Pinkman Broken Dreams.

01 – Einstürzen Neubauten – Beauty / Potom$k
02 – Dopplereffekt – Athanatos / Leisure System Records
03 – Silent Servant – Time in body / Jealous God
04 – Broken English Club – Our history in bones / Death&Leisure
05 – Collin Gorman Weiland – Desp$ir and confession / Downwards 06 – Aktion Mutante – Aktion Mutante / She Lost Kontrol
07 – Teatro Satanico – Ulrike Meinhof / Treue Um Treue
08 – The Exaltics – / Solar One Music
09 – Stratis – Birds in a cage / Dark Entries
11 – Flo & Andro – To committ suicide / Mannequin Records
12 – Mordant Music – Dark side of the autobahn / Mordant Music 13 – Karl and the Kurbcrawlers – Same day (again) / Death&Leisure 14 – Hair & Skin Trading Company – Esq / Freek Records
15 – Coil – The wheel / Some Bizarre Records
16 – The KVB – Lines / Cititrax
17 – Electronicat – Amour sale / Disko B
18 – The Soft Moon – Hunger / The Soft Moon
19 – James T. Cotton – Distant trip / Spectral
20 – Morah – Rings of Saturn / Brokntoys
21 – Stallone the Reducer – Typical weekly funk / Fit Sound
22 – Black Seed – Weirdness of being / Pinkman Broken Dre$ms
23 – December – Intervention tune! / Pinkman Broken Dre$ms
24 – Jann – Distorted life / Pinkman Broken Dreams
25 – Nikolajev – Retta (Dance Mix) / Paastevest
26 – Le Chocolat Noir – Like it hard / Tropical Goth Records
27 – Legowelt – Congo Zombie / Bunker
28 – Velvet May – Thought with tears / Tears On Waves
29 – Cabaret Voltaire – The arm of the lord / Some Bizarre

PNKMIX-32 | Jeff Solo – The Lonely Shadow

One of the driving forces behind the radio station Operator, Jeff Solo, is no stranger to the Rotterdam underground scene. Known for a wide range of genres at his disposal, this time he delivers a 60 min obscure slow beat mix for Pinkman.

Identified Patient – Geen Syndroom
Heap – Amour Propre
General P.D.C. – Amazon Dub (Beesmunt Version)
Krikor Kouchian – Niños Matadores
Ca$hminus – No Satisfaction (Credit 00 Molenbeek Bad Boy Remix)
Mutant Beat Dance – The Human Factor
Garum – Metal Mouth Mob
TV.OUT – Safehouse
Dreams – Cutting Teeth
Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho – Dripbox
Yourhighness – Stratofortress (Samo DJ Remix)
D’marc Cantu – No Control

Digital Tsunami 163 – Ian Martin

Always showcasing his appreciation for esoteric sound, the DJ and producer from Rotterdam comes up on the DT podcast with a heavy, electro-laced mix titled “Dystopia”.

LYO#125 / Pasiphae

Pasiphae delivers with a new mix for Les Yeux Orange.

The Femdex Podcast #28 | Lokier

New Lokier mix on the web for Femdex – a platform that highlights female talent from Vienna and around the globe – the mix includes an interesting interview, which you can check out here:

Motel Campo Podcast 002 – Marsman

Label boss Marsman was at Motel Campo in April and delivered a futuristic techno / EBM set showing him at his best.

PNKMIX-31 | Job Sifre – The Fast & Curious

Job Sifre takes no prisoners in this mental podcast for Pinkman. What we have here is seventy minutes of frenetic industrial with relentless energy, no messing around. Catch him playing at our upcoming Pinkman showcase at Off Sonar on the 21st of July.

Spherical Disrupted – Plutonium
Esplendor Geometrico – Mosselprom
Crystal Distortion – NY2023
NGLY – Hell Ride
Syntech – Coated With Dust [Insp. Swift Edit]
Parrish Smith & Interstellar Funk – Macrodosing
Velvet Acid Christ – Bsat2
Vofa – Kompina
Parrish Smith – I’ll Die for the Darkbeat
This mon’ omina – Shiftwind
Sp23 – Out of the Blue [Insp. Swift Slow Version]
Esplendor Geometrico – Transmetal
Spiral Tribe – Sirius 23
Snog – Cliche
AFX – Lisbon Acid
Velvet Acid Christ – Decay [Insp. Swift Edit]


New mix by Lokier for Unmasked Discussion. Check it out on SoundCloud.

If-Only Podcast #45: Credit 00

Credit 00 supplies the heat on If-Only! One hour of breaks, electro, rave and other good stuff to get you pumped up.

Pasiphae for Strange Sounds From Beyond x Red Light Radio

Pasiphae nicely warms up Strange Sounds From Beyond on Red Light Radio one week before the festival.

Grauzone Special x Operator w/ Pasiphae

Pasiphae was over at Operator HQ for the Grauzone Festival special. The result? One hour of broad selections ranging from ebm and wave to electro.

PNKMIX-30 | Scannoir – 1/2 GOTT

New podcast by Scannoir, who impressed us last year with 1/2 GOTT; the project he’s in together with Sneaker. PNKMIX-30 is a recording of a DJ set from Scannoir, live at Ziischtigsklub, Zurich last February.


Crematory – Maze
Bio-Tek – Exegesis
Bigod 20 – Tschirmtschikwirk
Scar Tissue – Tamheran
davaNtage – Virus Hate
Dernière Volonté – Mon Orage
Darkhive – Steel (7″ version)
Relatives Menschsein – Verflucht (Dunkeltier Edit)
Click Click – Sudden
Skinny Puppy ‎– Church
Cyberaktif – The Road Kill
System der Dinge – Lobotomy
Liquid G. ‎– Liquidation
Front 242 – Circling Overland
Mutant Beat Dance – Transmitter / Transistor
Placebo Effect ‎- Mystress
Apoptygma Berzerk – Backdraft
Lassigue Bendthaus – Mortal/Immortal

PNKMIX-29 | Dreams – Pleasure & Crime

Dreams – LA-based multidisciplinary artist and Private Selection label boss is up for the 29th PNKMIX. Pleasure & Crime’ is a podcast full of acidic sounds, classic new beat cuts, and thumping beat trax. It will give you a glimpse of what’s coming up next, his debut EP on Pinkman.

A Worm – Sympathy Nervous
I Like It – Believe It Or Not
Go On and Off – Yoshifumi Niinuma
Suite Mentale – Dreams
Tied Up – LFO
Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix) – Ghostdance
In Dem Laken – Schwefelgelb
Sluice – Santiago
Slug Street Disko – Dreams
Fatal Error – Fatal Error
Stranger In The Strangest Of Lands – Traxx ft. Legowelt
Marbles In The Garden – Daniele Ciullini
Mosselprom – Esplendor Geométrico
Automatonic: AF17 – Le Car
Programmed (Silent Servant Remix) – The Horrorist
Western Vices – Santiago
Sindromo – Esplendor Geométrico
Machines Like This – Sandman
Palomar – Smersh
Electronics 3 (Miami Style) – Boris Divider
X-Tank – Ms. DJax
Industrial – Renegade
Its You (Free House Mix) – Mr. & Mrs Dale
Extended Time – Sympathy Nervous
Katakomb Krig – Enhänta Bödlar
Geometry of Guilt – Dreams

Digital Tsunami 164 – Gamma Intel

More Gamma Intel on the web! Check out the mix he did for our friends from Digital Tsunami and order his EP ‘Motives & Methods’ which has just come out on the label here:

NOED Podcast 19 ─ Randstad

New Randstad mix online! This time for the NOED podcast series.. His debut EP on Pinkman called ‘Stranded’ will be out the 13th of May. Pre order the release here:

Upperberry | Lokier

New mix from Lokier for the Upperberry podcast serie.

PNKMIX-28 | Post Ave – Post Rave Mixxx

We’re back after a little break with a new mix-up. The 28th podcast is a special one by label friend and PRO selector Post Ave. Two hours and 36 minutes of real deal 90s rave, acid, goa and breakbeats.. get schooled!

Vector Trance – Rest for the Wicked
Underground Resistance – A Thousand Questions
Pressure of Speech – Uluru
Zaliva-D – Faraway
Syamese – Drum (Murder Mix)
System-01 – From Psychedelics To Cybernetics
Digitalis – Waving Not Drowning
Uberzone – Organik
Adrenaline God (Patient Edit)
Koxbox – Acid Vol. 3
Medicine Drum – Slipstream Dub
Xcor – Adelaar
Philipp Otterbach – Shake the Shackles Part 1&2
Claro Intelecto – Eye Spy
Contagious Orgasm – Livewire Voodoo
Cabasa – À L’École
Zaliva-D – Cold Diva

CUB – Seeing From Above
DJ Plead – DVE
Zaliva-D – Underground String
Atom™ – Automotive (Whitelabel)
Shinto – Sa, Sa
Aux88 – Time Space
Fantastikoi Hxoi – A Strange Light From The East
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Exit 23 (Drum Club 3)
Coil – First Dark Ride
Karma de la Luna – Floating
Front Line Assembly – Comatose
Acid Junkies – Sector 9
Ghostdance – Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix)
Biochip C – Pause
LSDXOXO – Smoke of the Skunk
Dj Plead – Kirlis
Dissident – Ubhan
Randstad – Vails Cipher 2
Re-Light – Expand the Room

SDX – MS 04 (138 remix)
Lassigue Bendthaus – Fiber
Morphem – Bringers of the Dawn
Man With No Name – Sly-Ed
DJ Hell – I Feel Love
I.B.M. – No Love


No need to put this in the doofpot, great selections here! It’s Pasiphae for the first hour followed by Intergalactic Gary.

RINSE FRANCE – December Radioshow #39 w. Ron Morelli

39th episode of December’s radio show at Rinse France with L.I.E.S. label-boss Ron Morelli as guest in the mix for the 2nd hour!

Mеchta Podcast 013 – LVRIN

New mix from Lvrin for Mеchta.

AM-004: Daniele Cosmo

New mix from Lux Rec co-founder Daniele Cosmo (1/2 of Savage Grounds) for Aperitif de la Mort.

BIS Radio Show #980 with Black Merlin

Black Merlin on BIS Radio, New York.. We recently announced the upcoming trilogy from Black Merlin on Pinkman Broken Dreams – in case you didn’t listened to it yet.. check the clips here:

TESTFM: Sea Salt w/ Gamma Intel — 03/03/2019

Gamma Intel on Test FM, Saint-Petersburg while he was visiting the place for a dj gig at Sea Salt. Sick selection as always.. check it out!

December at COLT presents Pinkman in-store

December DJ set at the Pinkman store Rotterdam, recorded live 23.02.19.

Digital Tsunami 163 – Ian Martin

New mix from Ian Martin for our Lithuanian friends from Digital Tsunami. Check it out!

01.Ultradyne – Lardossen Search Squad [Pi Gao Movement / 2004]
02. Unit Moebius – Untitled [SD / ????]
03. DJ Hyperactive – In Between [Drop Bass Network / 1994]
04. Unbalance – Thunderbird [Unbalance / 2016]
05. Electronome – Untitled [Interr-Ference Communications / 1995]
06. Voice Stealer – Acrobat [Subvert / 1998]
07. Thanos Hana – YY [TH Tar Hallow / 2017]
08. Transits of Tone – The Computer [Panic Trax / 1995]
09. Gescom – Phonok [Skam / 2001]
10. Jungian Archetype – The Lost Contact [Reference Analog Audio / 1995]
11.The Operator – Commander Bomber [Djax-Up Beats / 1999]
12.Ultradyne – The Art of Noise [Pi Gao Movement / 2000]
13. Creepy Autograph – Chill for your Neck [Valentine Connexion / 2008]
14. Damcase – Untitled [Bunker / 2016]
15. Nagual – Poweroid Emission [Highland Beats / 1998]
16. Unit Moebius – Live At The Muzenstraat [Acid Planet / 1996]
17. Ian Martin – Mechanic Paranoia [Full Dose / 2016]

Crack Mix 142 – Credit 00

This mix for Crack Magazine shows Credit 00 blending acid, electro, and mechanical dub into a tough-as-nails but highly listenable set.

Lokier – DHA FM Mix #419

New mix from Lokier for DHA.. In case you didn’t noticed yet; her EP ‘Fighting the Past’ is officially out and ready to get shipped!


Visitor – Disseminate
Dmitry Distant & Starpliktuve- Purvciems (Edit)
Remora- Untamed Fauna
Acid Elf- Ultrasound
T-F-T- Lyra Acid
Kinder aus Asbest- Hertz Voltage
DJ Overdose- Dark Spectre Echo
Sansibar- Can’t see
Privacy- Info Dive
Apollo Noir- Bifurcation Towards Chaos (Lokier remix)
Human Performance Lab- Carbon
The Revolving Eyes- Ritual Serenade
Limit Xperience- Primrose Pain
Ekman- The Synth Who Sleeps


Exclusive podcast from MYN for Trax Magazine.. check it out.

Tracklist :
1) Diana Berti – A Help From A Parallel World (Forthcoming SMAVV)
2) Ngly – Hell Ride (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
3) ???? (Forthcoming Zement)
4) Kluentah – Muskelbein (Public System Recordings, 2018)
5) Trenton Chase – Wetar (Unreleased)
6) Santiago – Western Vices (Forthcoming Private Selection Records)
7) The Golden Filter – Restraint, Kluentah Remix (Forthcoming)
8) Andy Romano & Fred Ventura – – Open Your Eyes (Flashback Records, 2008)
9) Gamma Intel – Brabantse Turf (Unreleased)
10) ??? Shelf Life
11) R Gamble – Empty Handed (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
12) ??? (Forthcoming)
13) De-Bons-en-Pierre – Macholess Zone (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
14) ???
15) Buttechno – 861 x 3
16) Velodrome – Glasfabrik (Animalized, 1988)
17) Kris Baha – Jonathan (She Lost Kontrol, 2018)
18) Vox Populi! – Permanent Revolution (Odd Size, 1989)
19) Bourbonese Qualk – Return To Order (Recloose Organisation, 1986)

RUBBER TIJD with Borusiade

New mix from Borusiade for our friends from RUBBER TIJD!

Kris Baha at Kaos London – 7,5 hour set!

Recording of Kris Baha’s all nighter at Kaos London, believe us.. it’s worth checking out, 7,5 hours of totally craziness.

Gamma Intel – Operator Radio January

Gamma Intel back on Operator!

BAR Radio #84: Marsman (italo-set)

A few weeks ago Marsman did a italo special for BAR Radio on Operator right before his italo-set at BAR together with Tango Soundsystem.. check it!

Mosaique Podcast 041 – Jann @ The Bells (January 2019)

New mix from Jann for the Mosaique Podcast series.. tip!

DRILLCAST 005 – Dj Overdose

Drill podcast by The Hague’s DJ Overdose!

Phormix Podcast #145 Years Of Denial

New mix by the ambient-meets industrial duo Years of Denial for Phormix. They will be releasing their EP ‘Body Map’ on the label in the beginning of this year. Also announced; their first appearance on a Pinkman label night for COLT at Worm, Rotterdam!

Esthetic Joys – №11, LVRIN

New mix by Lvrin for Esthetic Joys.

PNKMIX-27 | Randstad – Coiled Serpent Strange Attractor

The 26st podcast for the PNKMIX series is from the London based artist and label head of The Hague’s BAKK Records, Randstad. He earlier did a release on the first volume of the ‘5 Years of Tears’ various artist compilation. Now waiting for his debut EP called ‘Stranded’ which will see day light somewhere in the beginning of 2019.

Randstad created a 80 minute mix called ‘Coiled Serpent Strange Attractor’, sick track selection with a lot of tracks from Pinkman related artists.. make sure to check out the list below.

Ancient Methods – In Silence
Hiro Kone – Poortgebouw
Coil – Is Suicide a Solution
Potter Natalizia Zen – When Time Stops Moving
Van Ligtfolk – Mer an Normal
DJ Richard – Tunnel Stark
Yuri Urano – Knock
Articulat – Articulat
Chen Yi – Wargame
In Trance 95 – Continuum
Orphx – Solipsist
RNXRX – Cybele
DJ Richard – In Broad Daylight
T15DM – UTT ea – PM
LVRIN – Black Tank
Brassfoot – Followers Fate
Orphx – Bare Life
Maenad Veyl – Subtle Violence
Giant Swan – High Waisted
Giant Swan – The Plaque
The Modern Institute – Dozen Cocktails
Marcel Dettmann – Metalloid
Emanton – Circleofliez
Black Merlin – Noi 2
Amnesia Scanner – Chain

Randstad Soundcloud
Randstad Instagram

Phormix Podcast #142 Gamma Intel

Fresh new podcast by Gamma Intel for Phormix!

NTS Radio – Kris Baha 151218

Latest radio show from Kris Baha on NTS Radio!

In Disarray 047 – Daniele Cosmo

Lux Rex label-boss Daniele Cosmo with a banging electro-wave podcast for the great In Disarray.. check it.


New podcast from Jann for Unmasked Discussion.

Drift Podcast 036 – Dollkraut

Podcast and interview from Dollkraut for Drift in preparation of his set last weekend at Herfstdrift Festival 2018, where he shared the stage with artists like JASSS, Courtesy and Umwelt.. Check out the interview at (dutch only).

DJ OVERDOSE live at X:PLORATION- 2018-10-19

Sick live recording from DJ Overdose his set at Suicide Circus Berlin during X:PLORATION! 1 hour of funky electro/ hip-hop, as one would expect of him..

PNKMIX-26 | Borusiade – Decembrie

Before joining the bill at our collaborative event with Mechatronica at the Griessmühle, Borusiade put together an eclectic selection of weird, wonderful and intense music to get you in the right spirit.


01. Hindsight – Minimal Soul
02. Daniele Ciulini -Soft Marble
03. Lights In A Fat City – When I Grow Up (I Feel Like Shouting)
04. Yoshi Ojima – Club-A
05. Tract – 4E Temple
06. Sexy Merlin – See You In The Dark (Jamie Paton In The Darkness) 07. ODOPT – Croque Trans Croque
08. October – Tuesday
09. Kritzkom – Left
10. Exhausted Modern – Strage del Cermis
11. Lunate – Piscinas Facias
12. Kris Baha – Revolting
13. Curses – Surrender

December – Voitax Guest Mix

Voitax Guest Mix 9 by December, who is going to debut on Pinkman with his EP ‘Night of Nights’. Check out the snippets on our SoundCloud!

Room 4 Resistance 10 W/ Borusiade – Rádio Quântica (11.10.2018)

Radio show from Borusiade for Room 4 Resistance 10 at Rádio Quântica!


Rough and eclectic set by Ian Martin for Brooklyn based independent music platfrom BIZAARBAZAAR

Dekmantel Podcast 204 – Black Merlin

New mix from Black Merlin for the Dekmantel podcast series. Check it out!

PNKMIX-25 | Norwell – Altered Reality

We are back with a new Pinkman mix which comes from Norwell. Back in 2016, Pinkman was the first to release an electro EP from the Budapest based producer, called ‘Death of the Star’. The EP later on got remixed by Antenna, S. Olbricht, Delta Funktionen and DJ Overdose. The mix features some hot banging electro from some of our favorite artists.. Check out the tracklist!

Helena Hauff – Entropy Created You And Me
Martial Canterel – Phantom
Arpanet – Wireless Internet
Luke Eargoggle – The Sleeping Statue
Patricia – Winnipeg
Kosh – Black Noise
Andrew Red Hand – In The Cemetery
214 – Pattern Rotate
Deceptions – Orbitrek (live)
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Drive Shift
Sync 24 x Alienata – Future Sound
Ersatz Olfolks – Stella
Norwell – Secret Transmission
214 – Soapdish
Alek Stark – Halo 8 (Heinrich Mueller remix)

Alienation w/ LVRIN @ 20ft Radio

A few weeks ago Pinkman was invited to do a label night in Kiev together with Marsman, Lvrin and Osnova resident Jana Woodstock. They all did a radio show at 20ft Radio before, check out Lvrin’s recording here..


Lokier at Onderwereld, the new radio platform channeling via Intergalactic FM, before her set at Het Magazijn in the Hague!

Broken Dreams 03 w/ Marsman & Phase Fatale – 3rd November 2018

The 3rd episode of Broken Dreams by Marsman. This time he invited the Berlin based dj and Berghain resident Phase Fatale.. check it out.

Club Extremities 5 Ian Martin

Heavy pounding, bunker acid and electro influenced set by Ian Martin for Club Extremalities.

Endless Illusion podcast #22 | Ian Martin

Podcast by Ian Martin for Czech based Endless Illusion label

PNKMIX-24 | UNI.OMNI – Forget Tomorrow

London based duo UNI.OMNI who recently released their first EP called ‘Metaphysical Lives’ on Vivod are up for the 24th episode of the Pinkman podcast series. The mix features some sick tracks from artists who are much related to the label, Identified Patient’s ‘Vermoedens Van Achterdocht’ included..

UNI.OMNI – Forget Tomorrow
1. Red Axes – Nyx Tape (feat. Gina X)
2. Benedict Frey – New Now
3. Identified Patient – Vermoedens Van Achterdocht
4. Neud Photo – Kontact
5. Shokh – Vanditerion
6. Jensen Interceptor – Delayed Response (feat Kirin J Callinan)
7. Alessandro Adriani – You’ll Simply Never Understand The True Nature Of Sacrifice
8. Interchain – Что происходит
9. IM Kellar – The Scene
10. Cowboy Rhythmbox – Scream
11. Cestrian – Napoli
12. Fallbeil – Spoil the Girl

Upperberry Vibrations | Randstad

Randstad did a sick mix for Upperberry Vibrations. You better check out this sick track selection..

Phormix Podcast #136 – Ernestas Sadau

Ernestas Sadau the man behind the Lithuanian based platform Digital Tsunami and the infamous DT Camp contributed the Phormix podcasts.. Check!

Digital Tsunami 157 – Lokier

New mix by the talented Lokier for the Lithuanian based platform Digital Tsunami. The mix features an interview as well which seems to be a good moment to get to know the artist who’s going to debute on the label real soon.. Interview and track list via

PNKMIX-23 | Mirror Man – The Secret Passage Of Lurulu

The 23rd edition of the Pinkman podcast series is from the mysterious Mirror Man aka Paul du Lac, head of Bio Rhythm records. A slomo hypno techno mix including some Pinkman releases from Identified Patient, Black Seed and Annanan & Maroje T aswell.

Miles – Plutocracy
Benedikt Frey – Cupids Delight
D’Marc Cantu – Light Speed Funk
Identified Patient – The Female Medical College Of Pennsylvania
G String – Phase (D’Marc Cantu Ghoul Remix)
Black Seed – Irradiance
Jasss – Instantaneous Transmission Of Information
Identified Patient – Het Geweten Van Afdeling Twee
Exhausted Modern – 2,5 Minutes To Midnight
Annanan & Maroje T – Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality
Scientific Dreamz Of U – New Dreamz Of The Flesh
Fishermen – Ribbonfish
Bill Converse – Riverbank


PNKMIX-22 | Dj Nephil – Backmasking

The 22nd podcast for the PNKMIX series is from Berlin based artist and label head of ‘Gravitational Waves’ Dj Nephil. A 60 minutes mix full of new material and all time classic bangers. If you’re in Berlin this weekend, make sure to visit his party ‘Tales From The Evil Empire’ with names such as Martial Canterel & NOT WAVING live..

Digital Tsunami 156 – Retrograde Youth

Label member Retrograde Youth recently did a mix for our friends in Lithuania; Digital Tsunami. Retrograde Youth is currently touring through Europe so make sure to catch him in your country! For the Dutchies: check him out during REC festival at BAR..

Randstad says Yes.

New podcast by Randstad for Yes Belgrade.

BIS Radio Show #959 with Kris Baha

Kris Baha for Tim Sweeney’s ‘Beats In Space’ radio, broadcasted live in New York. Check!

PNKMIX-21 | Saulk & HLM38 – Late Night Session

New PNKMIX recorded by Saulk Regurk, main human behind the Mélodies Souterraines label, a place where you can link past and present recordings from artists involved into new-wave, electro and diverse hybrid styles. This time, he invited his friend HLM38 from the Notte Brigante label, for a one hour mix where they will explore music from the likes of Hardijs Ledins, Blurt, Air Liquide and more fuzzy electronics.


Chen Yi – Tape
Zulutronic – Hong Kong Phui
Hidden Operator – So Fly
African Head Charge – Breeding Space
? ? ? ?
Air Liquide – ******
Andy Pickford – Darklands
E-Saggila – Lounge Experience
CUB – Seeing From Above
BPMF – Sunyata
Gesloten Cirkel – Twisted Balloon
Aborded At Line 6 – Mammut (Hanoben Edit)
Blurt – Rulinant Violence
Martin Dupont – ? ? ? ?
Hardijs Ledins – Drip
Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe – Diskoteka Diskophonia
HLM38 – Untilted Exo
? ? ? ?

Intercell.007 – Alessandro Adriani

Ahead of his dj gig at the Intercell x Stroboscopic Artefacts label night, Alessandro Adriani made a fresh new mix for their podcast series. Check him out at the H7 Warehouse during ADE!

Gamma Intel – Operator Radio September

11th episode of Gamma Intel’s monthly radio show on Operator!

Identified Patient | Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2018

Mr. Patient recently made his Boiler Room debut at Dekmantel Festival, literally setting the stage on fire. Check it, if you have not already done so.

Kris Baha @ Cocktail D’Amore August 2018 (Cosmic Hole)

Sick recording of Kris Baha’s set at Berlin’s infamous Cocktail D’Amore!

RA.643 The Hacker

The word is out, the Hacker will release a 12″ on Pinkman under his moniker Amato. He recently did a sick mix for Resident Advisor, including 2 Pinkman releases (an early Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais recording we released digitally + a track from the forthcoming Lokier EP, which you can now stream on our Soundcloud page). Check it!

PNKMIX-20 | Santoine – First Obsessions

Exploring the first obsessions alongside haunted rituals and down-tempo rhythms. Label friend Santoine is up for the 20th edition of the Pinkman podcast series!

No tracklist this week!

Randstad @ Red Light Radio

The latest show of Amsterdam’s finest ‘Randstad’ on Red Light Radio. Post-punk, synth pop, industrial, wave and everything in between included in this sick mix!

Red Light Radio w/ Kris Baha – 090718

Slick mix by Kris Baha on Red Light Radio, check!

Broken Dreams – 02 w/ Marsman & Randstad

2nd episode of the new monthly show ‘Broken Dreams’ on Operator Radio. This time with special guest and label member Randstad opening and Marsman taking over after an hour.

PNKMIX-19 | Credit 00 – Madchester 2 Milan Mix

Credit 00 mix ahead of his Pinkman debut “Tilt” which will be out next month. Keep your 00 peeled!

Warsaw – The Kill
Smersh -Licorice Rope
Snowy Red – Still Human
Jensen Interceptor – Delayed Response
Schism – Psychosomatic
Ebi – Kai
Noleian Reusse – Cahokia (Paul West Mutant Jack Dub)
Die Krupps – 2 Herzen Ein Rhythmus
Schnitt Acht – Grouch (Dub)
Konstantin Tschechow – Shift
Tech Man 1 – The Conclusion
Smokin Gang – Latin House
Psyche – Ecstasy (Raizormaid Mix)
Stylóo – Pretty Face

Broken Dreams 01 w/ Marsman – 21st August 2018

First episode of Broken Dreams, Marsman’s new monthly show on Operator.

Edwin № 67 – Kris Baha

New mix by Kris Baha for EDWIN, great selection including Data-Bank-A, Psyche, Manie Dans Delire, Visitor and more! Check it out.

Gamma Intel – Operator Radio August

The 10th edition of Gamma Intel’s monthly show at Operator.

Dark Science Electro presents: Norwell guest mix

New mix by Norwell for Dark Science Electro, check!

PNKMIX-18 | Myn – Clockwork Shredder Device

Pinkman mix number 18 by Myn, our ambassador in Paris:


1) Mortician – Intro / Mortal Masacre (Relapse Records, 1993)
2) Morah – Dance When Lights Off (Forthcoming Return To Disorder)
3) Diana Berti – Infrared Authority (Forthcoming Smashing Tape Records / Veleno Viola SMAVV01)
4) ???? – ???? (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
5) Kluentah – Diabolik (Forthcoming Public System Recordings, 2018)
6) Bakunin Commando – Neon (Vague Output ,2018)
7) ???? – anagram (unreleased)
8) Le Syndicat Electronique – En Partance (Invasion Planète Recordings, 2002)
9) Pure Ground – To Severance (Die Blinden Records, 2018)
10) ???? – ???? (secret)
11) Boris Barksdale – Hand Off (unreleased)
12) Myn – Core Collaps (Pinkman Broken Dreams, 2018)
13) ???? – Izo12 (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
14) R Gamble – Dead Advice (Forthcoming Mannequin Records)
15) Mark Shreeve – Legion Razor Mix (Jive Electro, 1985)
16) Colored Music – Heartbeat (Better Days, 1981)
17) Bourbonese Qualk – Dream Decade (New International Recordings, 1987)
18) Noise Unit – Feel The Anguish (Antler-Subway, 1990)
19) Celines – It’s Fined (DKA Records, 2016)
20) Young Stove – Catch/You/Slippin (6FD Records)
21) Sige Bythos – Untitled (Nation, 2015)

PNKMIX-17 | Sam De La Rosa – Scuzzed Out On The Drowner

New week, new mix… Sam De La Rosa is up for the 17th edition of the Pinkman podcast series. ‘Scuzzed Out On The Drowner’ a 60 minutes mix full off heavy jams and experimental electronics. He is currently touring through Europe, make sure to attend the show at your city!

Unfortunately no tracklist this week!

IA MIX 284 Alessandro Adriani

New mix by Alessandro Adriani for Inverted Audio. 1 hour of edits from his 7 inch collection, Italo and minimal synth sounds from the 1980’s!

CKFM.032 – Mark Du Mosch

Fresh new mix from label member Mark Du Mosch for Craigie Knows, check it out!

Mick Wills @ Operator – July 16th

Mick Wills for the first time on Operator!

E.S.T. 016 – Lokier

New mix by Lokier for ‘Empty Signal Transmission’ who is going to debut on the label later this year.

PNKMIX-16 | Timothy J. Fairplay – The New Fear & Ignorance

One hour of acidic bass-lines, hard hitting snares and spacey sounds from above. With already 3 appearances on our sublabel Charlois in the last 2 years, Timothy J. Fairplay is back at the label again. The New Fear & Ignorance mixed up by Timothy J. Fairplay is the 16th Pinkman podcast. 

Rude 66 – Echos From A Dark Empire.
Heinrich Dressel – Death Willow.
The Wheel Of Rituals – Flight From Reason.
IBM – Limelight 80.
Delroy Edwards – Sugar Shack.
Overlooper – De Rattenkoning.
Timothy J. Fairplay – Reality Rules.
Im Kellar – Gotthard.
Dirty Criminals – (U Know) The Truth.
Timothy J. Fairplay – M Trak.
TV Out – Further.
Cienfuegos – The Mountains Are Crying.

Beesmunt Soundsystem @ Pinkman In-Store | 29th June

Beesmunt Soundsystem live at the Pinkman In-Store, 29th June 2018:

Myn is kicking it fresh for DJ Mag. Check!

The Parisian Pinkman ambassador delivered a new mix for the DJ Mag “Fresh Kicks” series. Check out the interview he did with the magazine`here:

New JANN Podcast for No One Ever Dances

The beast of Bordeaux is back at it!

Kris Baha @ Pinkman In-Store | 29th June

Pinkman In-Store recording of Kris Baha. Next In-store event will happen on the 13th of July, more info info soon…

Gamma Intel live at Operator 2nd July

8th show by Gamma Intel on Operator Rotterdam:

Identified Patient at Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018

Identified Patient closing set at SSFB 2018, Amsterdam.

Abyssal’s Gamelan Special at Operator

Abyssal back again at Operator with episode 13, a gamelan special:

PNKMIX-15 | Lokier – Soul Burial

Step onto soul burial ground with Lokier:


The Wheel Of Rituals- You Don’t Need Eyes To See
K100 Signal- Implosion
Trenton Chase- Immersion
Umwelt- Kiss In The Dark
Wetland Sailor- Distant Land
R Gamble- Overflow
A. Stantz- Invictus
Credit 00- Ritmo Metálico Belgium Mix
Crash ID- Sacrificio
Chris Mitchell- (unreleased)
Rogue Frequency- Projectile


Black Seed for Unmasked Discussion!

Alessandro Adriani & The Hacker at Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018

Recorded live at the Strange Sounds From Beyond festival, 23.06.18 Amsterdam

KØK Podcast 003 – Black Merlin

Recorded in Nantes 15.06.18

PNKMIX-14 | Roberto Auser – Live @ Pinkman 5YOT

Roberto Auser and his modular live set at Pinkman 5 Years Of Tears – Garage Noord 23.06.18

Randstad @ Red Light Radio 19-6-18

Melancholic tunes, Marcel Broodthaers, Kathy Acker and a little bit of Randstad himself:

PNKMIX-13 | Amourette – Silent Memories

PNKMIX number 13 by Brooklyn based co-curator and resident DJ of REMEDY:


Twilight Ritual – Message – Auxilio De Cientos
Andrei Orlov – When Thoughts Turn Inward – Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
Komodo Kolektif – Night of Leyak – Invisible Inc
Clatterbox – Lateral Thinking – Solar One Music
Alonzo – Never yours – Unreleased
Maine San Delerie – Threat Generator – June Records
Ortrotasce – Grand Banks – FlexiWave
Twilight Ritual – What Are Rooms For – Auxilio De Cientos
The Secret Society of Sonic Six – The Ritual – 4:2:2v2
De-Bons-en-Pierre – Francine – Dark Entries
Esplendor Geometrico – Sindromo – Geometrik
In Aeternam Vale – Autor de Signal – DEMENT3D
Morah – Voltage 3 (vapauteen Remix) – Modal Analysis
R Gamble – Voyer – Primitive Languages
Nick Klein – Smelling The Sheets – Alter
Borusiade – Brain Bazaar – Correspondent
Five or Six – Another Reason – Cherry Red
Bad Penny – National Anthem – Ortlof

Polish born, Brooklyn based Amourette is an eclectic DJ pursuing emotion over one sound. In her DJ Mixes you will hear a blend of spaced out electro, broken-beat techno, psychedelic distortions, deep baselines and indelible melodies. Together with Maroje T she’s curating Brooklyn’s Remedy event series. Two years ago this crew had the guts to organize a Pinkman label night for the first time overseas with Drvg Cvltvre and Marsman. During that time a strong friendship between Pinkman and Remedy was born.

Remedy keeps on pushing sounds we represent as a label, on the 3th of July they are responsible for the debut of our guy Identified Patient. If you’re in the city around that time, we highly recommend you to visit the show: FB EVENT

PNKMIX-12 | Dollkraut – Negative Pleasures

The reincarnation of our weekly podcast series by Dollkraut.

Also check his latest release on our sister label Charlois: Dollkraut – Fetish EP


1. Les Sirenes Debrouillardes – Beware The Sirens Song
2. Heimat – Trocadero
3. Rude66 – Die Stärke Der Vernichtenden Schläge
4. Lower Synth Department – I Failed In Life
5. Fakundo – Telo (Original Mix)
6. Credit 00 – Ritmo Metálico (DDR Mix)
7. Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot
8. Dollkraut Feat. De Ambassade – Du Fetisch
9. Modèle Mécanique – Dark Of The Moon
10. The Stranglers – Midnight Summer Dream (Extended Version)
11. Bézier -Organisation Maritime
12. Rite de Passage – Quinquerime
13. Tommy Mandel – Haunted By The Girl He Always Wanted (Original Mix)
14. Beranek – So Many Things
15. Danton’s Voice – Easy Life
16. Cybotron – Enter
17. Trisomie 21 – The Last Song

DJ Overdose @ Operator June 7th

Every first Thursday of the month, DJ Overdose @ Operator. Listen to his latest mix here:

Recording of Ian Martin at Operator June 7th

Latest show by Ian Martin on Operator, dive in:

Dunkeltier live Dj cut – Dunkeltier & Friends

Dunkeltier aka Sneaker who is 50% part of the Bionda e Lupo project shows how it’s done. Recorded live at the infamous club Sameheads 09-06-18.

MYN invites Ernestas Sadau | Rinse France

Myn for the first hour, followed by Ernestas Sadau:

Timothy J. Fairplay 199 Radio 29th May 2018

New radioshow by Crimes Of The Future frontman Timothy J. Fairplay:

Red Light Radio: Subterrein invites Roman Sputnik & Ernestas Sadau of Digital Tsunami 2018-05-11

The boys from Digital Tsunami at Red Light Radio for the Subterrein radio show.

DJ Overdose At Lente Kabinet Festival 2018

Recording of DJ Overdose his set at Lente Kabinet Festival 2018, bangers only!

1ST ORDER w/ Daniele Cosmo

New mix by Daniele Cosmo, recommended!

Pinkman 5 Years at Panama Racing Club

Five Hour special live from the Panama Racing Club, The Hague, Broadcasted live on Intergalactic FM 10-05-2018

Part 1: First Hour: Gamma Intel, Second Hour: Identified Patient, Third Hour: Mitchell Goor


Part 2: First Hour: Santoine, Second Hour: Marsman

Black Merlin Digital Tsunami Podcast

Podcast by Black Merlin for Digital Tsunami. New music on Pinkman coming up later this year. For now, enjoy this mix:

JANN in the mix for Lunacy Satellite

The beast of Bordeaux back on it!

Listen Back: Gamma Intel at Operator

Lastest Gamma Intel show on Operator, recorded live May 30th, 2018. His release on Pinkman will be out after summer.

MYN live at RLR

Our French hotshot at RLR, recorded on May 11th

BAR Radio #54 – Identified Patient

Identified Patient for BAR Radio. Recorded live at Operator Rotterdam, May 25th 2018.

Upperberry Vibrations | Betonkust

Betonkust for Upperberry Vibrations!

Subterrein invites Roman Sputnik & Ernestas Sadau

Digital Tsunami heads in the mix on RLR. Recorded live 2018-05-11

UP PODCAST 11 – Black Seed

Black Seed provides the eleventh installment in the Unknown Precept mix series.

LVRIN for No One Ever Dances

Another great mix from Jenya here:

SSFB Special at Operator Rotterdam 23-6-2017 w/ Black Merlin

Strange Sounds from Beyond special at Operator with special guest Black Merlin. Must listen!

PNKMIX-05 | Black Seed – Lost Kisses

Lost Kisses & Broken Dreams. This 5th Pinkman Mix by Black Seed will give you a glimpse of what will happen in the not too distant future… Keep your eyes peeled!

Phormix Podcast #96 Document •26• G-String

Live recording of G-String’s set at Shelter for the infamous Phormix Podcast series..

Dekmantel Podcast 110 – Dollkraut

Dekmantel Podcast by Dollkraut, from synth and new wave to groovy disco tunes..

Ernestas Sadau at The Lot Radio, New York.

Ernestas Sadau at The Lot Radio, New York.