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PNKMIX-25 | Norwell – Altered Reality

We are back with a new Pinkman mix which comes from Norwell. Back in 2016, Pinkman was the first to release an electro EP from the Budapest based producer, called ‘Death of the Star’. The EP later on got remixed by Antenna, S. Olbricht, Delta Funktionen and DJ Overdose. The mix features some hot banging electro from some of our favorite artists.. Check out the tracklist!

Helena Hauff – Entropy Created You And Me
Martial Canterel – Phantom
Arpanet – Wireless Internet
Luke Eargoggle – The Sleeping Statue
Patricia – Winnipeg
Kosh – Black Noise
Andrew Red Hand – In The Cemetery
214 – Pattern Rotate
Deceptions – Orbitrek (live)
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Drive Shift
Sync 24 x Alienata – Future Sound
Ersatz Olfolks – Stella
Norwell – Secret Transmission
214 – Soapdish
Alek Stark – Halo 8 (Heinrich Mueller remix)

Alienation w/ LVRIN @ 20ft Radio

A few weeks ago Pinkman was invited to do a label night in Kiev together with Marsman, Lvrin and Osnova resident Jana Woodstock. They all did a radio show at 20ft Radio before, check out Lvrin’s recording here..


Lokier at Onderwereld, the new radio platform channeling via Intergalactic FM, before her set at Het Magazijn in the Hague!

Broken Dreams 03 w/ Marsman & Phase Fatale – 3rd November 2018

The 3rd episode of Broken Dreams by Marsman. This time he invited the Berlin based dj and Berghain resident Phase Fatale.. check it out.

PNKMIX-24 | UNI.OMNI – Forget Tomorrow

London based duo UNI.OMNI who recently released their first EP called ‘Metaphysical Lives’ on Vivod are up for the 24th episode of the Pinkman podcast series. The mix features some sick tracks from artists who are much related to the label, Identified Patient’s ‘Vermoedens Van Achterdocht’ included..

UNI.OMNI – Forget Tomorrow
1. Red Axes – Nyx Tape (feat. Gina X)
2. Benedict Frey – New Now
3. Identified Patient – Vermoedens Van Achterdocht
4. Neud Photo – Kontact
5. Shokh – Vanditerion
6. Jensen Interceptor – Delayed Response (feat Kirin J Callinan)
7. Alessandro Adriani – You’ll Simply Never Understand The True Nature Of Sacrifice
8. Interchain – Что происходит
9. IM Kellar – The Scene
10. Cowboy Rhythmbox – Scream
11. Cestrian – Napoli
12. Fallbeil – Spoil the Girl

Upperberry Vibrations | Randstad

Randstad did a sick mix for Upperberry Vibrations. You better check out this sick track selection..

Phormix Podcast #136 – Ernestas Sadau

Ernestas Sadau the man behind the Lithuanian based platform Digital Tsunami and the infamous DT Camp contributed the Phormix podcasts.. Check!

Digital Tsunami 157 – Lokier

New mix by the talented Lokier for the Lithuanian based platform Digital Tsunami. The mix features an interview as well which seems to be a good moment to get to know the artist who’s going to debute on the label real soon.. Interview and track list via

PNKMIX-23 | Mirror Man – The Secret Passage Of Lurulu

The 23rd edition of the Pinkman podcast series is from the mysterious Mirror Man aka Paul du Lac, head of Bio Rhythm records. A slomo hypno techno mix including some Pinkman releases from Identified Patient, Black Seed and Annanan & Maroje T aswell.

Miles – Plutocracy
Benedikt Frey – Cupids Delight
D’Marc Cantu – Light Speed Funk
Identified Patient – The Female Medical College Of Pennsylvania
G String – Phase (D’Marc Cantu Ghoul Remix)
Black Seed – Irradiance
Jasss – Instantaneous Transmission Of Information
Identified Patient – Het Geweten Van Afdeling Twee
Exhausted Modern – 2,5 Minutes To Midnight
Annanan & Maroje T – Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality
Scientific Dreamz Of U – New Dreamz Of The Flesh
Fishermen – Ribbonfish
Bill Converse – Riverbank


PNKMIX-22 | Dj Nephil – Backmasking

The 22nd podcast for the PNKMIX series is from Berlin based artist and label head of ‘Gravitational Waves’ Dj Nephil. A 60 minutes mix full of new material and all time classic bangers. If you’re in Berlin this weekend, make sure to visit his party ‘Tales From The Evil Empire’ with names such as Martial Canterel & NOT WAVING live..

Digital Tsunami 156 – Retrograde Youth

Label member Retrograde Youth recently did a mix for our friends in Lithuania; Digital Tsunami. Retrograde Youth is currently touring through Europe so make sure to catch him in your country! For the Dutchies: check him out during REC festival at BAR..

Randstad says Yes.

New podcast by Randstad for Yes Belgrade.

BIS Radio Show #959 with Kris Baha

Kris Baha for Tim Sweeney’s ‘Beats In Space’ radio, broadcasted live in New York. Check!

PNKMIX-21 | Saulk & HLM38 – Late Night Session

New PNKMIX recorded by Saulk Regurk, main human behind the Mélodies Souterraines label, a place where you can link past and present recordings from artists involved into new-wave, electro and diverse hybrid styles. This time, he invited his friend HLM38 from the Notte Brigante label, for a one hour mix where they will explore music from the likes of Hardijs Ledins, Blurt, Air Liquide and more fuzzy electronics.


Chen Yi – Tape
Zulutronic – Hong Kong Phui
Hidden Operator – So Fly
African Head Charge – Breeding Space
? ? ? ?
Air Liquide – ******
Andy Pickford – Darklands
E-Saggila – Lounge Experience
CUB – Seeing From Above
BPMF – Sunyata
Gesloten Cirkel – Twisted Balloon
Aborded At Line 6 – Mammut (Hanoben Edit)
Blurt – Rulinant Violence
Martin Dupont – ? ? ? ?
Hardijs Ledins – Drip
Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe – Diskoteka Diskophonia
HLM38 – Untilted Exo
? ? ? ?

Intercell.007 – Alessandro Adriani

Ahead of his dj gig at the Intercell x Stroboscopic Artefacts label night, Alessandro Adriani made a fresh new mix for their podcast series. Check him out at the H7 Warehouse during ADE!

Gamma Intel – Operator Radio September

11th episode of Gamma Intel’s monthly radio show on Operator!

Identified Patient | Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2018

Mr. Patient recently made his Boiler Room debut at Dekmantel Festival, literally setting the stage on fire. Check it, if you have not already done so.

Kris Baha @ Cocktail D’Amore August 2018 (Cosmic Hole)

Sick recording of Kris Baha’s set at Berlin’s infamous Cocktail D’Amore!

RA.643 The Hacker

The word is out, the Hacker will release a 12″ on Pinkman under his moniker Amato. He recently did a sick mix for Resident Advisor, including 2 Pinkman releases (an early Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais recording we released digitally + a track from the forthcoming Lokier EP, which you can now stream on our Soundcloud page). Check it!

PNKMIX-20 | Santoine – First Obsessions

Exploring the first obsessions alongside haunted rituals and down-tempo rhythms. Label friend Santoine is up for the 20th edition of the Pinkman podcast series!

No tracklist this week!

Randstad @ Red Light Radio

The latest show of Amsterdam’s finest ‘Randstad’ on Red Light Radio. Post-punk, synth pop, industrial, wave and everything in between included in this sick mix!

Red Light Radio w/ Kris Baha – 090718

Slick mix by Kris Baha on Red Light Radio, check!

Broken Dreams – 02 w/ Marsman & Randstad

2nd episode of the new monthly show ‘Broken Dreams’ on Operator Radio. This time with special guest and label member Randstad opening and Marsman taking over after an hour.

PNKMIX-19 | Credit 00 – Madchester 2 Milan Mix

Credit 00 mix ahead of his Pinkman debut “Tilt” which will be out next month. Keep your 00 peeled!

Warsaw – The Kill
Smersh -Licorice Rope
Snowy Red – Still Human
Jensen Interceptor – Delayed Response
Schism – Psychosomatic
Ebi – Kai
Noleian Reusse – Cahokia (Paul West Mutant Jack Dub)
Die Krupps – 2 Herzen Ein Rhythmus
Schnitt Acht – Grouch (Dub)
Konstantin Tschechow – Shift
Tech Man 1 – The Conclusion
Smokin Gang – Latin House
Psyche – Ecstasy (Raizormaid Mix)
Stylóo – Pretty Face

Broken Dreams 01 w/ Marsman – 21st August 2018

First episode of Broken Dreams, Marsman’s new monthly show on Operator.

Edwin № 67 – Kris Baha

New mix by Kris Baha for EDWIN, great selection including Data-Bank-A, Psyche, Manie Dans Delire, Visitor and more! Check it out.

Gamma Intel – Operator Radio August

The 10th edition of Gamma Intel’s monthly show at Operator.

Dark Science Electro presents: Norwell guest mix

New mix by Norwell for Dark Science Electro, check!

PNKMIX-18 | Myn – Clockwork Shredder Device

Pinkman mix number 18 by Myn, our ambassador in Paris:


1) Mortician – Intro / Mortal Masacre (Relapse Records, 1993)
2) Morah – Dance When Lights Off (Forthcoming Return To Disorder)
3) Diana Berti – Infrared Authority (Forthcoming Smashing Tape Records / Veleno Viola SMAVV01)
4) ???? – ???? (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
5) Kluentah – Diabolik (Forthcoming Public System Recordings, 2018)
6) Bakunin Commando – Neon (Vague Output ,2018)
7) ???? – anagram (unreleased)
8) Le Syndicat Electronique – En Partance (Invasion Planète Recordings, 2002)
9) Pure Ground – To Severance (Die Blinden Records, 2018)
10) ???? – ???? (secret)
11) Boris Barksdale – Hand Off (unreleased)
12) Myn – Core Collaps (Pinkman Broken Dreams, 2018)
13) ???? – Izo12 (Forthcoming Public System Recordings)
14) R Gamble – Dead Advice (Forthcoming Mannequin Records)
15) Mark Shreeve – Legion Razor Mix (Jive Electro, 1985)
16) Colored Music – Heartbeat (Better Days, 1981)
17) Bourbonese Qualk – Dream Decade (New International Recordings, 1987)
18) Noise Unit – Feel The Anguish (Antler-Subway, 1990)
19) Celines – It’s Fined (DKA Records, 2016)
20) Young Stove – Catch/You/Slippin (6FD Records)
21) Sige Bythos – Untitled (Nation, 2015)

PNKMIX-17 | Sam De La Rosa – Scuzzed Out On The Drowner

New week, new mix… Sam De La Rosa is up for the 17th edition of the Pinkman podcast series. ‘Scuzzed Out On The Drowner’ a 60 minutes mix full off heavy jams and experimental electronics. He is currently touring through Europe, make sure to attend the show at your city!

Unfortunately no tracklist this week!

IA MIX 284 Alessandro Adriani

New mix by Alessandro Adriani for Inverted Audio. 1 hour of edits from his 7 inch collection, Italo and minimal synth sounds from the 1980’s!

CKFM.032 – Mark Du Mosch

Fresh new mix from label member Mark Du Mosch for Craigie Knows, check it out!

Mick Wills @ Operator – July 16th

Mick Wills for the first time on Operator!

E.S.T. 016 – Lokier

New mix by Lokier for ‘Empty Signal Transmission’ who is going to debut on the label later this year.

PNKMIX-16 | Timothy J. Fairplay – The New Fear & Ignorance

One hour of acidic bass-lines, hard hitting snares and spacey sounds from above. With already 3 appearances on our sublabel Charlois in the last 2 years, Timothy J. Fairplay is back at the label again. The New Fear & Ignorance mixed up by Timothy J. Fairplay is the 16th Pinkman podcast. 

Rude 66 – Echos From A Dark Empire.
Heinrich Dressel – Death Willow.
The Wheel Of Rituals – Flight From Reason.
IBM – Limelight 80.
Delroy Edwards – Sugar Shack.
Overlooper – De Rattenkoning.
Timothy J. Fairplay – Reality Rules.
Im Kellar – Gotthard.
Dirty Criminals – (U Know) The Truth.
Timothy J. Fairplay – M Trak.
TV Out – Further.
Cienfuegos – The Mountains Are Crying.

Beesmunt Soundsystem @ Pinkman In-Store | 29th June

Beesmunt Soundsystem live at the Pinkman In-Store, 29th June 2018:

Myn is kicking it fresh for DJ Mag. Check!

The Parisian Pinkman ambassador delivered a new mix for the DJ Mag “Fresh Kicks” series. Check out the interview he did with the magazine`here:

New JANN Podcast for No One Ever Dances

The beast of Bordeaux is back at it!

Kris Baha @ Pinkman In-Store | 29th June

Pinkman In-Store recording of Kris Baha. Next In-store event will happen on the 13th of July, more info info soon…

Gamma Intel live at Operator 2nd July

8th show by Gamma Intel on Operator Rotterdam:

Identified Patient at Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018

Identified Patient closing set at SSFB 2018, Amsterdam.

Abyssal’s Gamelan Special at Operator

Abyssal back again at Operator with episode 13, a gamelan special:

PNKMIX-15 | Lokier – Soul Burial

Step onto soul burial ground with Lokier:


The Wheel Of Rituals- You Don’t Need Eyes To See
K100 Signal- Implosion
Trenton Chase- Immersion
Umwelt- Kiss In The Dark
Wetland Sailor- Distant Land
R Gamble- Overflow
A. Stantz- Invictus
Credit 00- Ritmo Metálico Belgium Mix
Crash ID- Sacrificio
Chris Mitchell- (unreleased)
Rogue Frequency- Projectile

Alessandro Adriani & The Hacker at Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018

Recorded live at the Strange Sounds From Beyond festival, 23.06.18 Amsterdam

KØK Podcast 003 – Black Merlin

Recorded in Nantes 15.06.18

PNKMIX-14 | Roberto Auser – Live @ Pinkman 5YOT

Roberto Auser and his modular live set at Pinkman 5 Years Of Tears – Garage Noord 23.06.18

Randstad @ Red Light Radio 19-6-18

Melancholic tunes, Marcel Broodthaers, Kathy Acker and a little bit of Randstad himself:

PNKMIX-13 | Amourette – Silent Memories

PNKMIX number 13 by Brooklyn based co-curator and resident DJ of REMEDY:


Twilight Ritual – Message – Auxilio De Cientos
Andrei Orlov – When Thoughts Turn Inward – Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
Komodo Kolektif – Night of Leyak – Invisible Inc
Clatterbox – Lateral Thinking – Solar One Music
Alonzo – Never yours – Unreleased
Maine San Delerie – Threat Generator – June Records
Ortrotasce – Grand Banks – FlexiWave
Twilight Ritual – What Are Rooms For – Auxilio De Cientos
The Secret Society of Sonic Six – The Ritual – 4:2:2v2
De-Bons-en-Pierre – Francine – Dark Entries
Esplendor Geometrico – Sindromo – Geometrik
In Aeternam Vale – Autor de Signal – DEMENT3D
Morah – Voltage 3 (vapauteen Remix) – Modal Analysis
R Gamble – Voyer – Primitive Languages
Nick Klein – Smelling The Sheets – Alter
Borusiade – Brain Bazaar – Correspondent
Five or Six – Another Reason – Cherry Red
Bad Penny – National Anthem – Ortlof

Polish born, Brooklyn based Amourette is an eclectic DJ pursuing emotion over one sound. In her DJ Mixes you will hear a blend of spaced out electro, broken-beat techno, psychedelic distortions, deep baselines and indelible melodies. Together with Maroje T she’s curating Brooklyn’s Remedy event series. Two years ago this crew had the guts to organize a Pinkman label night for the first time overseas with Drvg Cvltvre and Marsman. During that time a strong friendship between Pinkman and Remedy was born.

Remedy keeps on pushing sounds we represent as a label, on the 3th of July they are responsible for the debut of our guy Identified Patient. If you’re in the city around that time, we highly recommend you to visit the show: FB EVENT

Unmasked Discussion with Black Seed

New mix by Black Seed who recently debuted on our Broken Dreams series:

PNKMIX-12 | Dollkraut – Negative Pleasures

The reincarnation of our weekly podcast series by Dollkraut.

Also check his latest release on our sister label Charlois: Dollkraut – Fetish EP


1. Les Sirenes Debrouillardes – Beware The Sirens Song
2. Heimat – Trocadero
3. Rude66 – Die Stärke Der Vernichtenden Schläge
4. Lower Synth Department – I Failed In Life
5. Fakundo – Telo (Original Mix)
6. Credit 00 – Ritmo Metálico (DDR Mix)
7. Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot
8. Dollkraut Feat. De Ambassade – Du Fetisch
9. Modèle Mécanique – Dark Of The Moon
10. The Stranglers – Midnight Summer Dream (Extended Version)
11. Bézier -Organisation Maritime
12. Rite de Passage – Quinquerime
13. Tommy Mandel – Haunted By The Girl He Always Wanted (Original Mix)
14. Beranek – So Many Things
15. Danton’s Voice – Easy Life
16. Cybotron – Enter
17. Trisomie 21 – The Last Song

DJ Overdose @ Operator June 7th

Every first Thursday of the month, DJ Overdose @ Operator. Listen to his latest mix here:

Recording of Ian Martin at Operator June 7th

Latest show by Ian Martin on Operator, dive in:

Dunkeltier live Dj cut – Dunkeltier & Friends

Dunkeltier aka Sneaker who is 50% part of the Bionda e Lupo project shows how it’s done. Recorded live at the infamous club Sameheads 09-06-18.

MYN invites Ernestas Sadau | Rinse France

Myn for the first hour, followed by Ernestas Sadau:

Timothy J. Fairplay 199 Radio 29th May 2018

New radioshow by Crimes Of The Future frontman Timothy J. Fairplay:

1ST ORDER w/ Daniele Cosmo

New mix by Daniele Cosmo, recommended!

Pinkman 5 Years at Panama Racing Club

Five Hour special live from the Panama Racing Club, The Hague, Broadcasted live on Intergalactic FM 10-05-2018

Part 1: First Hour: Gamma Intel, Second Hour: Identified Patient, Third Hour: Mitchell Goor


Part 2: First Hour: Santoine, Second Hour: Marsman

Black Merlin Digital Tsunami Podcast

Podcast by Black Merlin for Digital Tsunami. New music on Pinkman coming up later this year. For now, enjoy this mix:

JANN in the mix for Lunacy Satellite

The beast of Bordeaux back on it!

Listen Back: Gamma Intel at Operator

Lastest Gamma Intel show on Operator, recorded live May 30th, 2018. His release on Pinkman will be out after summer.

MYN live at RLR

Our French hotshot at RLR, recorded on May 11th

BAR Radio #54 – Identified Patient

Identified Patient for BAR Radio. Recorded live at Operator Rotterdam, May 25th 2018.

Subterrein invites Roman Sputnik & Ernestas Sadau

Digital Tsunami heads in the mix on RLR. Recorded live 2018-05-11

UP PODCAST 11 – Black Seed

Black Seed provides the eleventh installment in the Unknown Precept mix series.

LVRIN for No One Ever Dances

Another great mix from Jenya here: