Years of Denial

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Years of Denial is a fetishtic ritual of contorted flesh and altered states, a feverish/ infectious paradox of primitivism and modernity.

Years of Denial is the alter-face of French musician/DJ/producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist/DJ Barkosina Hanusova. With the use of hardware combined with vocals and a plethora of dub devices, YOD are re-visiting the dark corner of Post Punk, Industrial music movement and rave culture.

Their live Electro performances fuse SP 1200 beats and pulsating arpeggios with heavy electronics and engaging vocals. Barkosina’s voice ricochets against percussive snares as she intones ghetto poetry and dark romanticism. The duet operate on the dance floor without anesthetic creating an excursive electrifying shady atmosphere.

Both influenced by Isolationism, they also perform improvised cinematic Ambient sets with the use of modular synths and processed vocals. They draw upon the darker and profound stimulus of experimental music, creating an immersive and dramatic imaginative space.