Looking inwards but always forward, the innovative Xosar is consistently managing the balance between creativity, spirituality and wellbeing. Her relentless efforts for finding oneness in oneself has resulted in a well-rounded artist who has established peace in her own expression. With an array of diverse interests and influences, she is challenged by many forms of creation that always question trends, expectations and conventions. When you add all these elements together you have a fluid energetic force with a medium for endless possibilities.

Her story is meticulously told through her divine connection to machines and her ability to express emotion through said hardware. Her live sets capture the essence of freedom and therefore can never be predicted nor preconceived by herself let alone anyone else. Understanding her body is also a machine has transcended into knowledge that in her creative process she is the primary mechanism. This ethos is something ancient as much as it is futuristic, something out of time, shamanistic, ritualistic, alive and sacred. It is a provocation to instil this same awareness in her audience, for them to also recognize and respect their own bodies as their core piece of gear.