Das Ding is Rotterdam’s most hidden gem. Starting off with his cassette label ‘Tear Apart Tapes’ in the 80’s, he’s been playing, designing and producing since. A few years ago great attention came to his early work through the famed imprint Minimal Wave.

His live-set is and has been expanding, shrinking and evolving over time. An example of this ongoing journey is the ‘Sequencer’ tape on Dehef from August 2014, containing some fine modular based techno tracks.

This effectively means there are 2 sets, one strictly song-based, another consisting of improvised modular jams.
Besides the highly acclaimed Das Ding project, he explores the darker side of experimental music through ‘Schedelvreter’ which is available through us as well under the right conditions.

As a key figure of the true Dutch underground and being one of the most exciting live sets Das Ding is an unmissable act for any dancer or dedicated electronica freak.