Record Fair – Pinkman Store Birthday

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Last year, for the international record store day, we had a blast opening the doors to the notorious Pinkman Warehouse and hosting the store’s first record fair with thousands of records, drinks and good tunes. As the infamous Pinkman Store was approaching its fourth year anniversary, we decided to organise a new record fair for the occasion. 4 years already! Although a part of it was spent during the lockdown, we still had a great share of fun times and memories. 

What started off as a hobby for record collecting got a bit out of hands… It then took hard work and litres of blue paint to open the store on the 2nd of April 2018! The store got bigger, we expanded our offer and more people joined us on this adventure. We wouldn’t have made it there if it wasn’t for our beloved customers, friends & fam and store troopers.

With even more music and deals, the finest vinyl dealers came from all over the country to sell their collections. Our staff, friends and local DJs joined us with their top-notch selections by playing both at the store and at our neighbours Time Is The New Space.

Thank you for all the support and the fun times, for the good talks and all the passion for music. We’re grateful to have seen you all at our birthday bash!