Pinkman x Digital Tsunami: From the depths of the Lithuanian Woods to the Harbor of Rotterdam

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We are stoked to finally present our new clothing collaboration with our fellow moonshine lovers Digital Tsunami. Premium-quality unisex garments are available via our web shop. Scroll to read a piece about the collab, written by our crew member Cara Manuela Mayer Yepez.


Underwater Origins

Digital Tsunami is a musical organization that was born in 2013 from the murky waters of the digital underground sonosphere. A nod to Drexciya’s eponymous melody – energetic, hard-driving, with room for licks of strange freaky melodies – the name was immediately apt to describe the ethos of the organization. Originating as a radio show, the idea quickly took hold across cities in Europe: the team began organising raves in London, Vilnius, and Kaunas, as well as the infamous summer gathering in the woods of Lithuania, DT Camp. These events all have one thing in common: a dedication to the purity and the community of quality electronic music from the underground – for freaks, by freaks.


Pinkman x Digital Tsunami 

The collaboration between DT and Pinkman came about organically and intuitively: we see each other in the work we do. The artists we are involved with frequently collaborate with Digital Tsunami, and DT CAMP festival often feels like a gathering of old friends and familiar faces: Credit 00, Gamma Intel, Das Ding, Intergalactic Gary, LVRIN have all played there. In fact, the image used on the cover of 2019 Pinkman Sophie du Palais & Identified Patient’s Don’t Exclude Anything, was taken at DT Camp. 

At Pinkman, there’s a lot of respect for their project. Their team clearly puts a lot of work and heart into their project, and we’re proud to have collaborated with them. Those interested in reading boss Marsman’s interview should find their way over to the digital tsunami website.